Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Hound Dog said...

I just found your blog through a link on Daily Kos, and am thrilled to know it exists!

I posted on Kos yesterday about how Diane Rehm pandered on her show to Michael O'Hanlon's neo-con shlock.

Keep up the good work, folks! ; - )

Anonymous said...

Hello, Hound - meet bunny! I'm just a chirping toadie around here, but it sure is fun to vent with sardonic humor than to languish in our cast of zany characters' idiotic ideals and vocal locutions to the point of madness. Been there, I know.

Come back often, and join in the fun! Strength in numbers.

Anonymous said...

Also: tried hard en route to home to keep my NoPR-disdainful temper in check when Shirley-bleepin'-Temple is leading in for a primary election story, but when she introduced the dreaded Mara "Look!" Mabuse in for some "political fortune telling" (i.e. pontificating from Ye Olde Edition of Beltway Conventional Wisdom Manual, I think it's safe to surmise) what was left to do but act on a swift and decisive *click!* Ahh, a Berlioz symphonic suite was by far the wiser choice. And a Nino Rota film score following made it truly a non-NPR driveway moment.

Mytwords said...

h.d. and b!p!f!b!, you've got me all nostalgic for neighborhood games of hounds and hares ...owwwwww... thump... thump!

Anonymous said...