Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Animals are More Equal Than Others

(link to great illustration for the title)
Andrea Seabrook talks to Ret. General Sanchez, and of course says nothing about his responsibility and lies regarding torture at Abu Ghraib, but she does confront him with some lives that are worth more than other lives:
"It is so easy to talk about, for both of us, to talk about the civilian mistakes, the military mistakes and so on, but we have to remember that there were so many US military lives lost during this period that the army is now admitting mistakes were made in. How do you read this report if you're a parent or wife or a husband of someone who was lost during this time?"
True enough, the thousands of US lives lost and tens of thousands severely injured for an immoral, illegal war, are horrible - but what about the 250 Iraqis who have died for every 1 US military life lost? Oh them? Are they actually human? Not in NPR world...

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Porter Melmoth said...

That's the imperialist's way: all life is cheap, except for that of the imperialist.