Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Double Talk Express

Wow, McLiasson is working extra McHard:

On ATC Tuesday:
Liasson: "You can't really say that McCain switched his positions. What McCain did is the bill he proposed and sponsored had a path to legalization for undocumented aliens, also it had some border security measures. He hasn't given up on the path to citizenship, but he now says we have to secure the border first because if we don't Americans won't support comprehensive immigration reform."
[Holy smokes, McCain couldn't have spun it better himself.]

Liasson: "...both these candidates are for the same thing."
[Fact based journalism at its best.]

Liasson: "...but McCain did change his emphasis and Obama sees that as an opening."
[That Obama is a wily devil!]
And then on Wednesday's ME Liasson is back at it, with a little help from her friends:
Inskeep: "One of his strengths is his record on immigration reform. McCain favored a path toward citizenship for illegal immigrants and he paid a heavy political price for that."
[So heavy that he lost the Republican primary...okay, not that heavy.]

Liasson: "...on immigration reform Obama and McCain are very similar."
[At least it's no longer "the same thing."]

Liasson: "Last year McCain took on his own party."
[Along with that maverick George Bush.]

Liasson: "to the McCain campaign, Obama is trying to get credit for a bipartisan compromise that he supported but also tried to torpedo by sponsoring or voting for labor union backed amendments that if passed would have weakened support for the bill."
[Labor backed amendments? Same thing? Very similar? Hmmm.]

(an attendee at the LULAC conference): "I actually voted for Obama in the primaries. I think I just kind of jumped in the bandwagon and sort of voted because I really like his personality and I always say I like him with my heart and I like McCain with my head."
[Surely a representative perspective.]
Pretty amazing stuff.


Kevan Smith said...

Have you informed Media Matters?

Porter Melmoth said...

How the hell are they going to get a tow truck in there?

Anonymous said...

And the jaws of life...