Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Leading the Charge

Inskeep was loading the language this morning. First he introduced the story on Iran firing its missiles with this:
"Iranian officials CONTEND they are responding to hostile rhetoric from the United States and Israel - THAT is their explanation for firing a long range missile today. The test shot comes as THE WORLD is trying to persuade Iran to abandon any ambitions for NUCLEAR WEAPONS."
And then discussing the US push for anti-missile installations in Eastern Europe, Inskeep states that
"Iran's test comes during the same week that the United States MADE PROGRESS on installing a missile defense system in Europe. And one of the goals would be to DEFEND AGAINST IRAN'S MISSILES...."
When was the last time you heard Inskeep say "the Pentagon contends" or "President Bush contends," etc. It's also quite an inflation to go from the US/Israel/Europe to "the world" and of course it's a mighty jump to go from enriching uranium to "ambitions for nuclear weapons." To follow these misstatements with the claim that the US military expansion east is making "progress" and will "defend against Iran's missiles" [hitting Europe(???)] is not reporting or newscasting, but simply arguing the case for the Pentagon.


Anonymous said...

Read Seymour Hersh's article in the New Yorker about the US military operations in Iran, and US support for domestic Iranian terrorist groups.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yeah, I was going to mention the same thing: that Inscreep was stoked up with happy drugs or something. Man, he was on fire, wiggling and giggling and squirreling around in the ecstasy of his motormouth meds or whatever! It was something to behold. Truth to tell, I think he was a little shown up by the oncoming juggernaut of the Mighty Ari, so he had to flex his blabber muscles to prove his worth.

Aside from that, he was almost orgiastic over the New Colder War prospects, what with those crazy Iranians and all that other stuff that makes him feel so young and pumped-up and ready to push that prize-winning punk Shapiro back into that not-ready-for-morning-drive limbo that he himself clawed his way out of. And now that he's Master of the Morn, like every good Neocon-minded Lord of the Air, he's not giving up one inch of it. His bosses may have said, 'Steven, get with it, baby, or you're OUT!' but the Inscreeper's way ahead of them: he'll beat them at their own game. Stay tuned for a giddier, feistier, more journalistically-adventurous aggressor for the news we want to hear: it's Inscreepiana Jones!

Porter Melmoth said...

And yes, Sy Hersh's ongoing Iran saga is well worth the read. Bless 'em for offering it up without conditions.

masbrow said...

All these guys do is repeat government/military/business propaganda, with never a mention of obvious facts like,"Iran has a right under international law to enrich uranium" or "There is no evidence that Iran is a threat to anyone". I think they must be infiltrated by CIA, or some agency we haven't even heard of. How else you gonna 'splain it?

Anonymous said...

Oh my bleepin' creator! It's BRAAAAAVE-'KREEPY!

(giggling profusely on the insides)