Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Private Shapiro and Sutherland

(Lt General William Caldwell speaking through JJ Sutherland)

The US Army releases its Stability Operation Field Manual and Alabama Moon points out that there's nothing "new" about its goal ("conflict against enemies intent on limiting American access and influence throughout the world") and its author's implied threat against "homeland" instability!

But from the news organization that revels in counterinsurgency and gets all goosesteppybumpy over Army Strong you can expect nothing but an upbeat commercial for this latest product of US militarism.

Here's the meat of the report:

(Ari Shapiro opens with): "When the US army fought its way into Baghdad in 2003 soldiers there found they were not prepared to establish peace, security and the rule of law in Iraq. It's taken the military years to show some progress on those fronts..."

(Sutherland follows): "That lack of coherent planning for what happens after the shooting stops was intrinsic to the army...that process bore terrible fruit in the days, then months, then years after the invasion of Iraq: chaos in the streets, no basic services, a growing insurgency, thousands of dead Americans. Security in Iraq has improved dramatically - from a civil war to at least a modicum of peace. Fragile certainly, but an improvement, an improvement driven by fundamentally changing the army's approach.

The manual lays out a series of steps on how to stabilize a country after a war - from providing security, establishing the rule of law, to things like social well-being, stable governance and a working economy....

....an army needed to win the wars we're in, an army this manual will help to build. "
As always, not a mention of the terrible "fruit" of 4.5 million Iraqi refugees and over a million dead. Makes me want to scream. And this passes for journalism...ugghh.


Porter Melmoth said...

Absolutely typical of Naturally Propagandistic Radio.

Forgive me for my tendency to make superficial comments about NPR, but I find that I am distracted from anything Ari Shapiro says by the fact that he sounds like he's holding his nose all the time. A disdain for the unwashed masses he's broadcasting to, or is he just scared to have his adenoids out?

Anonymous said...

And that's working so well in Afghanistan, n'est ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Only think tank opinion is allowed on NPR.

Don't you know that?

of course, it is journalistically improper to air anything that is even remotely scientific when it comes to information on Iraq.

Hence, the results to the two Johns Hopkins surveys on Iraq (published in Lancet) and the later ORB study must be ignored completely.

Also, the "night lights" study which determined that the surge has not done what was claimed must also be ignored.

Science and its older sister, "reason", are simply not allowed on Non(fact)-Proliferation Radio.