Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Mara Liarson's 'review' of the prez debate last night was utterly biased in favor of McNeeds-A-Cane. It was. I watched the debate myself, and it was no surprise that our 'national affairs correspondent' would would be nuzzling for brown-nose points from the McCainers. No doubt she'd get canned at Fox if she didn't deliver this crap over dainty NPR. She gave much more airtime to his comments, and she let him close the segment by playing a preposterously long soundbyte, and our prissy Mara didn't even MENTION the crazed bomber pilot's 'this one' comment. Hell, even George Will says McCain's all wrong for the job.

Plus, our beloved NPR is giving more 'neutral' coverage of our favorite sitcom actress politician, Sarah 'LensCrafters' Palin than they have even started to do with Biden.

As an aside, I caught a very somber Audie (does that mean she drives one?) Cornish and Scott 'Turbo-Nerd' Horseley on PBS, spewing some of the most dreary and boring 'commentary' I've ever heard. Both looked like they were waiting to see if a Milk of Magnesia ad would play, so they'd know what to buy in order to smile again. Why would anyone want to 'consult' these 'experts' about anything, let alone a prezzy debate?

They make the shills at the Big Three look like progressives. At least Katie Couric's had the playful guts to make fun of Palin on a YouTube video.

In closing, there's a glorious column 'The News Blues', by James Wolcott in the new 'Vanity Fair' that is sanity itself in the midst of all this forgettable media mishmash. After reading it, I emerged refreshed, ready to sling more of the most fetid mud I can find.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC NEWS: has announced that it is "suspending publication" with the vague hope of possibly restarting someday.

F-U NoPR. Jus' because.