Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Do They Pay This Guy?

Juan Williams was on Saturday morning with Scott Simon (what a combo!). Supposedly "news analyst" Williams was going to provide some insights on Pres. Elect Obama's proposed stimulus plan. Williams was nearly hyperventilating:
"'s the problem...a plan that could reach a TRILLION dollars Scott! You know a billion here and a billion there and soon you're talking a trillion [Simon can be heard snickering in the background] and what you've got is a feeding frenzy...then you've got people who are doing some really strange things - the zoo and aquarium group want some tax breaks for zoos and aquariums Scott...I don't know if you Scott Simon need a tax break but this would be the time to he [Obama] is coming in with a deficit, the deficit is going to grow larger..."
Seriously, this sniping rubbish passes for commentary. As Krugman points out about people like Williams (and Simon), "Here’s how I see it: the opponents of a strong stimulus plan don’t really have an alternative to offer. They don’t even have a really coherent critique." Amen.

The hypocrisy of Williams "concerns" about wasted government money are astounding. I don't recall a single critique from "people are praying for you" Williams regarding the hundreds of billions of dollars poured down the Operation Iraqi Fiefdom rat hole?

Since so much of NPR's support comes from listeners, it owes it to us to post the salaries of all its on-air hosts and reporters so we can decide if our donations to NPR stations are such a good idea after all. Also, NPR should require Foxistas such as Williams and Liasson to disclose how much loot they receive for their efforts on that dismal outlet.


Life As I Know It Now said...

the fake outrage has just begun. where was all his outrage while Bush flushed our country down the toilet?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but I was in the streets on 1st Avenue with a million of my closest friends protesting the war back on February 15, 2003. Wing-nuttery overcame us. There was nothing fake about us -- or them. I say investigate, indict, convict and punish.

Anonymous said...

the zoo and aquarium group want some tax breaks for zoos and aquariums Scott.."

What about NPR?

That's "non-profit" (at least according to the IRS definition) so it gets one HUGE tax break.

Seriously, these NPR "journalists" are just a pathetic joke.

These are people who could not get a real journalism job so they went into public radio cuz they know you can suck down big salaries (Montagn: 308K+, Inskeep 301K+, Siegel 288K+, Simon 266K+) for propagandistic garbage.

Anonymous said...

How is NPR structured politically? Will Obama be able - should he so choose - to change the direction of the organization though political appointments?

Kevan Smith said...

NPR is run by a board of directors composed mostly of member-station managers. The full bylaws are included with their IRS filing.

Anonymous said...

Juan is repurposing his Scott Simon Show appearance on Morning edition today:

Anonymous said...

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