Friday, May 08, 2009


Clowns not getting paid? That's funny. Evidence below indicates that they be laughing all the way to the bank...hee...hee...

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(image is from NPR's 2007 990 - pdf)


gopol said...

No wonder they identify so strongly with rich people and CEO's and are glad to hock pablum hacksterism and bring in the ad men.

Anonymous said...

300,000 per year at 40 hrs a week is $150 per hour.

Anyone who plans to donate money to NPR should just remember that a $50 pledge will pay for 20 minutes of Inskeep. I'm sure he spends more than that on the crapper at work ever day. So you're paying for Inskrap, one way or the other.

big!pink!impovrished!bunny! said...


Do they even do 40 hrs/week? What with all the host alternations and only 2 hrs max on-air time. The rest of that time CAN'T be spent on script refinements.

In fact, I don't wanna ponder this any further. Buncha overpaid hax.

Anonymous said...

and the worst part?

The ombot gets $150K per year in salary.

Anyone who has never read any of the NPR-serving crap that the ombot writes should read at least one piece.

It's a real eye-opener.

of course, an Ombudsman with a clue about what an ombudsman is supposed to do would be a threat to NPR management and announcers so I'm sure they are very happy with their current ombot. Worth every penny.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I don't open [pdf] files on this old computer, cuz it crashes.

So, does it say anywhere how much of "our" cash is wasted on Wan Williams?

Pipsqueak makes $300k, and all he has to do is get up early to go to 'work.'

I was feeling guilty during the last pledge drive here that I didn't contribute, cuz I love our local station's efforts to be a community radio station...learning that so much is wasted on Insqueak makes me feel much better...

Mytwords said...

Unfortunately the IRS forms only require the top five gravy trainers be listed.

Anonymous said...

So, does it say anywhere how much of "our" cash is wasted on Wan Williams?

No, it only lists the top five.

I know NPR management would probably make the argument that "If we did NOT pay hosts like Inskrap (and ourselves) the big bucks, he (and we) would go somewhere else."

So, remind me again, how would that be bad?

The myth that "NPR hosts do it because they love it rather than for the money" is just that. That's not to say that they don't love it (the money, that is)

Check out this link, which also lists the top five salaries and a few more (Blob Edwards got half a million for his last 7 months at NPR)

Anonymous said...

Woody says: "I don't open [pdf] files on this old computer, cuz it crashes."

What version of Adobe Reader are you running?

I experienced this problem in the past and fixed it by installing an earlier version of the Reader.

Sometimes (usually?), when Adobe comes out with a new version, they add stuff that slows down an older computer (or older OS) or even crashes it.

My guess is that the older Adobe Reader versions will probably work just fine for opening most pdf files.

As an added benefit, they also usually load faster!

You can download the older versions from Oldversion.comI'd recommend uninstalling the current Adobe reader version first.

Then try moving back one version (from your current one) until you find one that works.

hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Go to and register to get data on the non-profits in your area.

Bill the Cat said...

At Colorado Public Radio, the president and vice presidents make a lot of money:

President makes closet to $225K and the VPs make between $110K and $150K.

Anonymous said...

This is long but if you read it you'll see that WHYY is nothing but a cash cow for top administrators:

"For several years, Mr. Marrazzo has topped the salary list of public broadcasting CEOs, with direct compensation of $420,786 and contributions to benefit plans of $211,117, which includes a nonrecurring payment of $154,867 for retroactive tax liability on pension benefits.

The column by Mr. Heller was followed by a letter from anonymous staff members, published on the Philadephia Citipaper blog, with complaints about Mr. Marrazzo's pay and the lack of local programming at the station (among other things). The Citipaper provides some helpful context by referring back to a labor dispute at the station last year that also put the CEO's pay in the spotlight.

The Philadelphia Magazine (reporter Steve Volk) then covered the story, with more details on how Mr. Marrazzo reached the top position at the station without having prior experience in broadcasting. This reported even was granted an interview with Mr. Marrazzo that was marred by some heavy handed attempts to intimidate the reporter:

My own experience with 'HYY was often troubling. Along the way, the company's publicity flacks called my editor to talk when they didn't like the questions I was asking; the director of marketing creepily recited for me a long list of all the people she knew I had called; and two 'HYY publicists took notes during the majority of my interviews with 'HYY staff, a policy even extended to [radio call-in host Marty] Moss-Coane, a woman who is otherwise trusted to sit in front of an open microphone for two hours a day. I was also informed in an e-mail that WHYY could potentially find, fire and even prosecute the person responsible for faxing me a not-so-sensitive financial document - a budget sheet, essentially - that didn't even warrant inclusion in this story.

The Form 990 for WHYY confirms that Mr. Marrazzo's pay package is more than double that of other staff, including COO Bruce Flamm ($187,306/$18,408) and on-air personality Terry Gross, listed in schedule A as an executive producer ($180,907/$16,942)."

Where Most Needed
The Charity Industry Observer Probing the Deeper Links & Linkages

if it doesn't come up Google William Marrazzo. I call him Dollar Bill Marrazzo.


Anonymous said...

I suggest your Public Library as a valuable alternative. Valuable to the entire community not just the spinners, the cronies, and the bought and paid for.


Anonymous said...

I think if people really knew where all their hard-earned contributions to public radio were going (to pay the salaries of a relatively few high paid execs, "hosts" and other personalities (Terri Gross), they would probably quit donating.

NPR gets away with this because there is no Democratic Congressional oversight at all on money given to public broadcasting to speak of.

The only ones in our government questioning funding to public broadcasting (and NPR in particular) are the Republicans and, as everyone knows, of course "they have zero credibility".

Of course.

The irony is that true Conservatives (and yes there are some in Congress) have a great deal of credibility and common sense when it comes to spending money wisely.

Giving 300K per year to Steve Inskeep or 400K to Kevin Klose (I know he's gone now) is not my idea of spending money wisely.

Anonymous said...

Form 990s are public information. For public broadcasters to say otherwise is a lie. Most non-college based public radio stations are run like private little fiefdoms.

Porter Melmoth said...

The Clown Town that is NPR always clubs the listeners over the head with the guilt trip that local programming will suffer if you don't fork over. Then they pillage the locals and deliver the tribute to King Blob & Co. The sage-king looks down at his peasants, purses his lips and mutters, 'life is good...' In his benevolence, the Blob and his kind are doing SO MUCH for their listeners. Why, they fully deserve this tribute because they are giving back our world to us, and explaining how it works, to boot!

(Coupla weeks ago I heard Andenoid Andraya 'Gigglesworth' Seabrook spouting dimestore wisdom on On Point. One of the most flat-out worthless sequences of raw, untreated sewerage from this most worthless uNPR 'contributor'!)

OK, this stuff is well-known to all of us, but the blackmail act pulled via the rinkydink 'system' that keeps NPR News bubbling is nothing more now than freebooting capitalism. Pimping for bucks through the local channels is a sympathy scam worthy of Jimmy Swaggart and his kind.

Yes, I'm that cynical.
No, I haven't contribbed to NPR in years. Sorry local station, but at least now I only allow NPR to curdle my life for a mere 5 minutes a day. It's my Pax Porterus.

boogity-boog!poogity-poog! etc etc said...

Wooooo - enter Jvstin about now with the ol' "why do you people hate NPR so much?" posturing.

Yah, it would appear that "he" has flown the coop - so allow me to entertain the scenario. Tsk-tsk-a-tsk.

Anonymous said...

"Wooooo - enter Jvstin about now with the ol' "why do you people hate NPR so much?" posturing."


You mean the NPR ombot disgracing itself as a loyal NPR listener?

Anonymous said...

too bad blogger does not allow blog hosts to view IP addresses of comments or MTW could determine whether "jvstin" indeed resides at NPR.

I'd have to say the chance is pretty good.

NPR has to be aware of this blog and i am sure they are none too pleased by it. Sock puppets are an obvious 'remedy".