Saturday, May 09, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


gopol said...

Let's have an Audio News Release from the golf industry, shall we?

"Whether you're a international political analyst, or just someone who cares about people, sometimes your fiercest opponent is right between your ears. Because once you've become aware of the state of international relations, it's your brain that's the difference between an understanding what's really going on and whatever NPR says is going on — or between the truth and a lie."

I think that's a direct quote.

Hubertg said...

Aw Yes,,,our world leaders, kind, so benevolent, so caring, so just, so gracious, so humble, so dedicated to peace and the enhancement of the human experience for the people of planet Earth. I am held in awe of their dedication to social justice and the welfare of all mankind.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Adam "Dickhead" Davidson badgers Elizabeth Warren for not being "mainstream."Davidson is a waste of protoplasm and bandwidth.

larry, dfh said...

Wow, WOody, thanks for the link. adam's quite a smug toad, aint he? Ms. Warrewn beat the stuffing out of that prig. He's obviously paid well too much.

Anonymous said...

Adam Davidson, "What it feels like to me is..."

Adam Davidson is all about feeling the economy. Just like Stephen Colbert, Davidson thinks with his "gut." In his gut, he thinks Warren has her pet issues.

Davidson, the not-an-economist, economist.

Anonymous said...

You will not hear this often from me because I think most government types are in the tank for the Capitalist system. But . . . Ms Warren is one of a handful of government types that actually is trying to make America work for its citizens. I have heard her on various shows (including Fresh Air and Radio Times) and she has always impressed me with her knowledge, her ability to "explain" things having to do with economics, and her willingness to do what she was charged with doing. She was given the task of oversight. She took that seriously. She took it so seriously that wheb Paulson told her the government was getting 1:1 from the financial institutions in return for their billions she decided to do some forensic accounting. She found out that the banks called the terms and the ration was closer to 67% with some banks getting even better deals. That's why she is being marginalized. And NPR is right their shoving her out the door.

I'll write the network and the Ombudsman and my Congressional Representatives and . . . oh yeah. I forgot. I thought there might be some point to doing any of those things. Once again MyT, excellent reason to do this.


Porter Melmoth said...

Yes, Adam fancies himself the First Man of the nouveau elite who will run this country.

Porter Melmoth said...

And yes, NPR's stepping up to the plate, generously supplying a new elite to help run the country. People you can look up to, for the help and insight you need in your busy life. While you're sorting out your credit card nightmare, your foreclosure, or your hogwallow flu, NPR's workin' overtime to profile your problems with sympathy and understanding. And those NPR folks are darn smart, too! Person's GOTTA be smart if they're gonna tell us how the world works.

So, if you're gonna be followers, why not follow the best?


Adam and the Homeland Team.

It's Our World - We'll Let You Be Part Of It

(copyright 2009, by Luntzworld/Humble Oil/Perle-y White/BushWorld Heavy Industrial Partners, Inc.)

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Then I heard some pecan farmer in California complain that the "government" gave "too much water to the fish?"

And nary a sigh, or sign of rebuke from the narrator.

WTF? Too much water for the fish?

Chuy. Though it would likely claim me too, at this ripe old age, i do yearn for the cleansing pandemic...

bunny!beats!monkey! said...

Yuck-ieeee!! Ahhhhdam Daaaaavidson bugged my bunny ears right out of the gate, back when he was phoning it in from Iraq - typical NPR she-male occillating lilting for extra emphasis (tell me - do they really grow 'em in pods?). And now that he's been appointed and annointed chief primate on the Planet Monkey tree... well, just more fodder for the boycott to continue on - such adversity, yah.

Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...


Agreed. Adam has been terrible since day one. I think he is the love child of Ira Glass and Steve Inskeep. He and Alex on Planet Monkey sound like the ambiguously gay duo indeed. Except during the Warren interview, the only thing that came to mind was a monkey at the zoo throwing scat. Davidson doesn't like guests rattling his cage.