Friday, June 26, 2009

On the DL

Hello all. I want to let readers know that I'll be posting infrequently for the next week or so - and any posts will be very brief. Lately, my hands have been starting to show signs of carpal tunnel syndrome and so I'm going to take a bit of a break/summer vacation from the computer.


Anonymous said...

need to do some exercises and stretching. i do all the time and it really helps.

also, take a look at your set up - you need to be able to rest your forearm flat from the elbow to the wrist on a flat surface and not have any bends in the wrist area - need a good ergonomic mouse and keyboard. the arm needs to stay straight / rigid from the elbow to the fingetips.

ibuprofen ( pain reliever / swelling reducer ) will also help.

need to stay hydrated.

cannot emphasize all of this enough.

good luck and rest up !!!

macon d said...

Wow, sorry to hear that! I hope the break helps.

Kevan Smith said...

Get well soon and enjoy the time off!

Porter Melmoth said...

I join in with all good wishes.

Brion Emde said...

I was relieved of early-stage carpal tunnel syndrome through a few sessions of Rolfing. As I recall, the problem starts in the shoulders and upper arms, and my Rolfer spent a lot of time working there, and in my forearms. Fifteen or so years later, I'm still problem free. I do switch the mouse from side to side and try to learn keyboard shortcuts, when possible. Good luck

big!pink!sympathetic!bunny! said...

Go in peace, Myt. I'd say there are enough of us staunch stalwarts here to cover for ya and to administer a well-warranted red fanny upon those deserving~

geoff said...

Yeah, verily, the Noodling, Propagating Rigor mortis gets under your skin and inflames your very bones. Definitely time for some time off. Pluck some catfish out of Big Raccoon Creek, or whatever. Enjoy!

ellen rosner said...

myt-stay away from ibuprofen if you like your liver.

Be well.

JayV said...

Last Saturday I heard a disgusting segment of Marketplace Money (produced by American Public Media) on "Vermont's NPR Station": "Banking on the previously unbanked," praising the opening of commercial bank branches in the poor neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

It was the kind of feel-good programming that would appeal to VPR's "liberal" or "progressive" donor base.

The copy was was straight from the PR departments of commercial banks.

A few telling quotes from the program: "He found that lots of banks simply don't think they can make money in these neighborhoods."

"But I think that often the banks find it very difficult to visualize a whole bunch of low-income consumers as being a vibrant market, but in fact they can be."

There was neither a mention of small town, neighborhood "community banks" nor of credit unions.

krameroneill said...

Have you tried using a Wacom Tablet? I used to have wrist problems, but when I gave up the mouse for one of those, I was pretty much cured. The "Bamboo" model is inexpensive yet totally adequate., that sounds like I work for Wacom or something. Just for the record, I don't...

Anonymous said...


Good luck and it seems there will be much advice available to ponder concerning this.

Take care and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

ellen said... stay away from ibuprofen if you like your liver.


Stay Away from ACETAMINOPHEN !!!!

tal said...

Cupping Therapy Alleviates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

acetaminophen & ibuprofen are BOTH implicated in liver damage:

My daughter, a professional violinist, has obtained great benefit from
Hoshino Therapy

as well as chiropractic & massage. Try to find a practitioner who specializes in musician injury.

I agree with the poster who found relief from Rolfing ... the problem seems to initiate in the upper body (trapezius etc) and only manifests in the upper extremities.

Best wishes