Friday, June 26, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


geoff said...

I look forward to a dreamy afternoon of ATC with an edgy report from Brian Naylor about the New DOD Cyber Command to defend military cyberspace.

This is the kind of timely and in-depth reporting that makes it easier to while away a lazy afternoon, knowing that Naylor and his ilks are out gum-shoeing DC to keep the Murkin People in control of their government and military/industrial complex.

We'll hear from "James Lewis, a cybersecurity analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies" that the development is "significant" and a "big...step forward," while acknowledging that "People are leery about [...] the militarization of the Internet." And we'll hear from Herbert Lin of the National Resource Council, who explains how a denial of service attack works and then John Wheeler, once "special assistant to the secretary of the Air Force" (now what is he?) will say that such attacks are analogous to "fire-bombing populations." Really? Let's see...would I rather have trouble logging onto the DOD or be firebombed? hmmmm. But, wait for it, is there a mushroom cloud in the room? BAM! "Analysts draw analogies to nuclear weapons..." Those darn analysts...they're so...anal.

For balance, we'll hear from Russ Tice about how careful NSA and DOD are about subjecting themselves to the scrutiny of Congress and the US Constitution...or not.

yes, it's the b!p!f!b! said...

Well, one advantage of abstaining from NoPR ear hooch is that I was mercifully spared their inevitable take on the demise of a certain (interactive feature!: fill in the blank any way you like). If the media saturation everywhere else is any indication.

Anonymous said...

What's the likelihood that you would ever hear this story from Inskeep or any of the other corporate/government prostitutes at NPR?

I'd say close to zero.

Personally, I don't want NPR changed. I would like to see it shut down entirely, though I certainly have no delusions that that will happen.

You can't "change" a rotten apple into something edible. The only thing you can do is throw it out in the trash and grow a new apple -- and preferably from a different tree, in the case of NPR.

The NPR (family) tree (Inskeep, Norris, Davidson, Simon, Schorr, etc) seems to produce a preponderance of rotten apples.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, if a comment after that Kathy Kelly piece linked to above is any indication, people are starting to realize that the "NPRer has no clothes" (and no, I did not post the following comment there)

Comment after Kathy Kelly piece on Truthout:
Only more of reporting like Kathy Kelly's will bring an end to this violence. President Obama called the images of Neda bleeding to death in Tehran "heartbreaking," and chastised Iranian authorities for brutal treatment of their own citizens; yet he censors images of our treatment of Iraqis in captivity, NPR won't even use the word torture in its "news-programming,"

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Dear god, the dogs were worried.

The neighbors jerked as they walked by the open door to my house this morning when smarmy scottie announced his next guest was to be...


i screamed!

i queried.

i bellowed.

the worst of it was that I knew without doubt that to communicate with the Borg and query them on the reason for imposing such clap-trap on their unwitting listeners would be yet another exercise in pixilated futility.

I shifted to the commercial classical station here, and there I have remained, all throughout a recording of Callas's Turnadot.

NPR will NEVER get another cent from me.

b%p%f%b% said...

"NPRer has no clothes..."

Ha ha ha, bunny like that.

geoff said...

What, Woody - You didn't tune back in for the Juan Williams? I know he followed Scarborough (perhaps to balance, somehow?), talking about how Michael Jackson was his role model it doing the cross-over thing. Wow, Juan, what?

Then they had the whacky "water under the gate" lefty Schorr with wisdom of the ancients: "In the end, you have to take life as it is," who, commenting on Sanford, notes that "Now of course, we could name several prominent Democrats" and then quotes the great Kissinger, "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac," and reminds us that Republicans talk values. Hey, isn't that kinda like Simonizing?

Simon: "I remember going to cover the civil war in El Salvador and hearing kids ask me about Miguel HackSON." Talk about selective memory.

scott said...

I was pleased to hear NPR ATC do a report critical of Bio-fuels. Whatever you think of them bio-fuels and ethanol are bad chemistry, bad economics and bad policy.

Ethanol is very hard on older cars and engines, it cannot be shipped in pipelines as it corrodes them. So, ethanol has to be trucked across the country.

Further, ethanol gets lower MPG than conventional gasoline. It is more polluting and hasn't saved us a drop of gas imports.

ATC didn't get that critical, but it was an improvement.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Scott--quote rightly--sez: Further, ethanol gets lower MPG than conventional gasoline. It is more polluting and hasn't saved us a drop of gas imports.

this only leads me to believe they're courting corporate underwriting from Con-Agra, or Monsanto, or ADM... upon the receipt of which, all such stories would then disappear...

Anonymous said...

smarmy scottie announced his next guest was to be...


Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair (and Balanced)?
(Im)partially sage nary most of the time
Remember me to one who lives there, O'Reilly once was a true love of mine