Monday, July 06, 2009

Agent Forero Checks In

On Independence Day Guy Raz asked Juan Forero why Honduran President Zelaya was overthrown in a coup. Forero answered,
[His] "term is supposed to end in January, but Zelaya is allied with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and other left leaning leaders in Latin America that have found ways to change their constitutions to stay in power...."
By "found ways", I think Forero means that evil, leftist ploy of free and fair elections.

This morning was even worse. Ignoring the coup government's shooting of unarmed demonstrators (no Neda here), ignoring Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports of School of Americas™ style repression, Forero spends almost the entire Monday morning broadcast featuring apologists and supporters of the coup. Here is a sample of statements that Forero made this morning:
  • " though, rallies, complete with vendors and folk music, celebrate the ouster."
  • "...foes justify the coup by pointing to what had been his increasingly friendly alliance with leftists Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. To them it signaled a dark turn."
  • "...he says Zelaya would have practically handed over his rule to Chavez."
  • " almost irrational fear of Chavez had gripped the country and that was what drove lawmakers, the courts, and the military to conspire against Zelaya."
  • "...the last straw came late in June."
  • "...the first step toward a power grab" [of Zelaya not the coup leaders].


krameroneill said...

Yeah, I was grinding my teeth this morning, too. Wasn't there mention of Zelaya being overthrown for putting a non-binding resolution up for a vote, to determine whether there could be further voting (presumably the "binding" kind) on whether term limits could be ended? Where in the world was the follow-up on that?

So he was two or three steps away from democratically ending term limits, while Mayor Bloomberg abolished them without a single NYC voter being allowed to pull a lever on the issue. Would Bloomberg's anti-democratic activity justify the army taking over New York? If they did, I'm going to presume NPR would be OK with that...?

Porter Melmoth said...

Hypocricy is OK to criticize if it's in a banana republic, because hypocrisy is not an NPR policy.

WarOnWarOff said...

Painfully obvious that NPR is a Spook operation, and probably always was.

biggo!pinko!fuzzo!bunno! said...

Forero, with what little I am exposed to him (HEADLINES ONLY!) strikes me as the male counterpart to ol' Temple-rastin' the Jellicle Cat. That sort of mamby-pamby voice with that wee one's library storyteller's gentle emphasis like, say, when that [i] Big Bad Wolf [i] invites himself into Grandma's House.

So what he's (and she's) actually trying to impart tends to get lost on me, particularly when I get that sneakin' suspicion that my chain's bein' yanked.