Monday, July 06, 2009

Agent Gjelten Recruiting

For your reading pleasure - they're fortified with hyperlinks, too!


The Boss of You said...

Well played!

geoff said...

It's a riot, really - but it's taking a long time to click through them!

geoff said...

So John Perkins only fetches 3 hits at NPR and only one of those is the JP of Economic Hitman and it comes from a caller, Barbara, who was not properly screened by the TOTN minders when she called in to talk with CFR Spook, Julia Sweig, whose polished ignorance is buffed to a gleam. Check it out:

at @ 22minutes:

Barbara: "I think our recipe for progress comes with a heavy consequence. [] we're out of touch with people we don't really know. [] We don't respect other people's values...and I think this is reminiscent of John Perkins' book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Julia Sweig: "You're the second person that's raised this book with me talking about my book and I have to say that the difference is that Perkins paints a picture where he says going out there and getting all these Latin American countries addicted to debt as a way to gain control of them was an explicit intention of the U.S. - some sort of diabolical intention. I think a lot of what we're dealing with now is actually unintended consequences of being out of touch, of not having our ear to the ground, of misjudging the impact of our power and not necessarily a giant conspiracy to create dependency of the kind Perkins depicts.

B: The problem with the policy is that it was done over and over again []

JS: I think there's an important point that is not to be missed and that is that I have talked a lot about what the US has and has not done, it's also the case that there are some things that the US cannot be responsible for can be held responsible for and in Latin America, the elites in the society are the ones who do have the wealth and that it's not a poor region, it's just a very unequal region. They do have some responsibility to implement something I call the Social Contract, which means investing in their own people. And that's not something that we can export.

She's not the Julia with the sea shell eyes, she's the one who for the CIA spies.

geoff said...

whoops, Julia actually said

"it's also the case that there are some things that the US cannot be responsible for can not be held responsible for "

The negation is key.

Anonymous said...

Sal si puedes. Also.

geoff said...

"it's also the case that there are some things that the US cannot be responsible for and can not be held responsible for "

as in, "it's not our fault if we train despots and thugs to do coup d'etat and torture. It's just a coincidence that these very same people are then forcibly installed in power via coup d'etats. Plus, they wouldn't be trained to do what they're doing (at the School of the Americas) and then do coup d'etat if they didn't want to do that."