Saturday, December 04, 2010


NPR's web scribes, for the Friday ME story "US 'Connects the Dots' to Catch Roadside Bombers" tell us
"With his doctorate from Princeton, Army Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has become the prime example of a special breed of soldier: the warrior-scholar, trained in history and politics as well as how to fight wars. Now there's a variation on the theme: the warrior mathematician, adept in the complex modeling that has become a key part of military planning."
Hey, if it's all about scholars, war, and deep cover thoughts then who better than the CIA's best friend in journalism - Tom Gjelten. And why not honor Reporter Tom with another installment of his own dynamic, hyperlinked comic strip [click on each panel to visit the super-brainy links] :


Anonymous said...

the warrior-scholar, trained in history and politics as well as how to fight wars.

Apparently Petraeus was not very well-trained in the latter.

His war is a total disaster, by pretty much any standard.

Dogs are also "trained" -- even better than some Princeton folks, apparently.

Above all, the Ivy league (especially yale, princeton and Harvard) excells at training people to be dishonest con artists.

not to be competent, but merely to convince people that they are.

I know this first hand. I went to an Ivy league school.

Some of the slimiest, backstabbing people you would ever want to meet.

informedveteran said...

McNamara and his "whiz kids" would be proud!

gDog said...

Harvard's finest tend to be a bit clueless.

miranda said...

This is genius. Tom Tomorrow has nothing on MTW, in terms of substance.

gDog said...

My interpretation of "iDiOT": NPR gets a "D" for failing to connect dots in overtime.

Anonymous said...

NPR seems to be under the impression (or at least perpetuates the view, whether they believe it of not) that the DOTs can be connected any old way and it makes no difference (because there is no underlying reality)

It's the "NPR Theory of Relativity".

All you need to do is go back and forth between a DOT on the "left" (ie, center right) and a DOT on the (far) "right".

News reporting is like a ping pong game to them.

No analysis, just volleying.

Patrick Lynch said...

Dots? Dots? We don't need no stinking dots!