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larry, dfh said...

Hear about
on any standsfornothing broadcast? I didn't think so. Churning up hysteria for the bosses.

larry, dfh said...

Seems like there's
non-fan of standsfornothing radio.

Mytwords said...

I wondered how long before NPR would turn over its WikiLeaks damage control coverage to its heavyweight agents. Temple-Raston is now "proving" that WikiLeaks is helping Al-Qaeda...OMG!!! My evil twin put up a comment, too. See <a

informedveteran said...

Speaking of their bosses, a search for “ally financial” turns up this gem. See, foreclosure GOOD! Ally GOOD!

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet NPR will never report on this? Fed wants to strip a key protection for homeowners

or on this? Money For Nothing: Wall Street Borrowed From Fed At 0.0078 Percent

regarding links, it never ceases to amaze me that blogger does not include a built in mechanism for changing URLs (http://...) into links.

I mean, let's join the 21st century, shall we?

Every email known to mankind as well as many other blog-hosting software profgrams do this, so why can't blogger? (run by Google!!)

Anonymous said...

What's good for Ally Bank is good for America, and NPR.

Don Q. Public

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Descibes NPR "journalists' to a T

"The watchdog press died, and what we have is WikiLeaks instead." -- NYU Journalism Professor Jay Rosen

"Most American journalists -- represented by Jonathan Capehart in the video above and the Post's self-praising contrast between the Free, Robust American Press and the anemic, controlled "Arab media" -- are so far away from even beginning to process those facts, indeed are constitutionally incapable of understanding or facing them, that they are just in a different universe than reality. And that -- combined with the fact that they are rooted in and dependent upon the very political system they are supposed to check and which these disclosures threaten -- are the reasons why most of them react to WikiLeaks with an equal dose of confoundedness and contempt." Glenn greenwald (
Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators

PS: You just gotta love it when Blubberblabberman opens his mouth.

When God was handing out the body parts, that guy got jowls instead of brains.

Sadly, he's one of my Senators.

I'm embarrassed to even admit it in public.

As a humourous side note: "Lieberman" means "Lover man" in German.

A real "Don Juan" Joe is.

Wonder what he can do with those jowls.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Churning up hysteria for the bosses"

Is this what counts as "hard" intelligence these days?

"U.S. officials did not claim to have photographic or other hard evidence of the missile, but said the North Koreans had paraded the missile through the streets of Pyongyong."

Any way you look at it, We're screwed. We have idiots "protecting" us.

Porter Melmoth said...

This morning Renaay played a dainty game of softball with 20-star Field Marshal Richard Mills, our Viceroy of Particularly Troubled River Valleys in Afghanistan. Their helpful dialogue was one of the most preposterous field reports yet heaved onto the rubbish heap of Af-Pak propaganda yet. Giving Mills some benefit of the doubt, I can imagine that he exploded in laughter after hanging up on Renaay. 'Well, that's another bucket 'o BS I just dumped on NPR...' he might have said... 'They always buy it and sell it without us even trying.' Or whatever.

And it's as if every NPR-oid in the region is nervous. They've even brought heaviest of weights Corey Phlintoff to fabled Kabul to help out!

Our Miss Julie McCarthyism even seems to rush through her unique trademark pronunciation of the nation she's a guest in - say 'POKK-ee-STAWN' as fast as you can!

Sorry for the ongoing ditzy name-twisting. Now that I am a more 'serene' occasional monitor of NPR, such trivialities help get me through the torture sessions.

(Suggestion to Cheney & Associates: for a dandy NEW torture technique at Gitmo, just play a medley of the best sermons from the Simonizer to all the terrorists in residence. At top volume, especially during tears and guffaws. Repeat as needed. Satisfaction guaranteed!)

PS: That reporter who suffered through kidnapping at the hands of insurgents in Af-Pak is making the marketing rounds. He's on Diane Rehm today, but that's one torture that others will have to endure without me.

Porter Melmoth said...

Really hot stuff at DN! these days.

Who has time to waste of Nothin' Public?

b-p-f-b, code name: 8ball said...

Hee hee hee! - seeing Gen. Warlove's "rah-rah" over my "favorite" Jellicle Cat Temple-rastin' gave me rare cause to duck in as my 8-ball altered-eggo & provide some small measure of reinforcement. That the majority of comments were of the same sentiment was most encouraging.

Anonymous said...

NPR has Debt Turrets.

Don Q. Public
aka Don Pasqueda

Anonymous said...

"Liberals see the president as a bad negotiator, willing to sell the farm for nothing." -- Ari Shapiro

One need not be a liberal to recognize that.

In fact most Republicans recognize it.

But one probably does have to work outside NPR to see it.

NPR announcers need an outside assessment just to tell them their shoe is untied.

gDog said...

Oh Wan, you're rich now! You're a free man! No mo enfeebling enpeeyar clipping your wings. Atta boy, show us hardly you can work when unfettered by that pitiful pittance of an NPR stipend.

gDog said... hardly har har

informedveteran said...

This just in from NPR News, we have now decided that it is safe to report that the earth is round..............

NPR. News a day late and a dollar short and that will never offend our masters.

informedveteran said...

"With his doctorate from Princeton, Army Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has become the prime example of a special breed of soldier: the warrior-scholar, trained in history and politics as well as how to fight wars.

Now there's a variation on the theme: the warrior mathematician, adept in the complex modeling that has become a key part of military planning."

This part doesn’t appear in the audio of the story. Blaaahhhh! Apparently the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan is to find IEDs.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes Informed, that miracle of mathematics in the war on terror is one of Gjelten's purest propaganda pieces. Reminds me of Rumsfeld's laptops in tanks that were supposed to save the day. There's always a sort of quiet ecstasy that Gjelten betrays in spreading a faux gravitas via his NPR power trip. And there's nothing worse than an anti-hero who fancies himself as a hero.


informedveteran said...

Matt Taibbi is on Danny Schechter's radio show right now 12:00 PM EST. Progressive Radio Network dot com.

Porter Melmoth said...

And an excellent exchange with Glenn Greenwald on today's DN!

gDog said...

In u-s-connects-the-dots-to-catch-roadside-bombers we might have learned that

If you're trying to defeat COGS (continuity of government sabateurs), what you're talking about is understanding the whole process — who is involved, how they are connected to each other — so that you can figure out where the best place is to intervene," Carley said.

That is, the Cheney bone's connected to the Rummy bone and Rummy bone's connected to the North bone and the North bone's connected to the Zellikow bone, now hear the words of the lord.

"Attack the Network" is the motto of the anti-COG effort.

Much is at stake. Approximately 3,486 thousand innocent civilians killed in around the world since 9/11 as a result of the silent coup d'etat in the US known as COG, according to scholars such as Peter Dale Scott.

gDog said...

Don Pasqueda (DonQP) wrote:

An NPR moderator has removed this comment because it does not adhere to the discussion guidelines

Friday, December 03, 2010 1:05:13 PM

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oh my gosh, DQ, what offense hath the spawned upon the innocent eyes and ears of NPR commentators?!

gDog said...

I figure I'll record my comment here, as it may go the way of DQ's:

I can't wait for this method to be applied on the domestic front, where the network of continuity of government coup d'etat cabal led by the Joint Chiefs of Staffs and their henchmen of Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc could be disrupted by identifying the biggest links in the network and "eliminating" them one by one...until they're defeated!

informedveteran said...

Don't know how long it has being going on but there is an ad for Goldman Sachs on the ATC page.

Squid Attack!

Anonymous said...

Informed Vet: Golman on ATC? Well, hell, somebody had to pick up the slack when thePublicNotice split and took their undocumented charity with them!


informedveteran said...

I was pondering, why the HUGE push by the banks to force these homes into foreclosure when there are so many empty homes on the market?

The banks need to get these houses resold and onto their next stage of existance so noone will look at the previous phony or missing mortgage paperwork(see Rocket Docket). Apparently most of the mortgages were never properly documented (MERS). Therefore the mortgage backed securities (Rated AAA) were never properly created. This fraud would cause the investors who bought all the mortgage backed securities products (that sank the world economy) to basically be eligible for a refund. This would cause the big banks to owe HUNDREDS of $Billions AT LEAST to those investors – therefore giant economic collapse 2.0.

I wonder what is going to happen if the rumor about Bank Of America being the next Wikileaks release is true. As of now it is difficult to make your case for a refund, but will Wikileaks change that? Maybe this explains the sudden need to arrest Assange.....

gDog said...

Yes, it's really great to have Simple Simon simplify the 411 of Wikileaks for us, isn't it? Today WESat has many stories centered on digesting this very important information for the American audience:

1. Eloise At 55: The Legacy Of Kay Thompson
2. Deficit Plan Is Tough Medicine And A Tougher Vote
3. Last Dance For A Symbol Of The Joys Of Baseball
4. Study: Female Vets Especially Vulnerable To Suicide
5. An American Musician, An Influence In Afghanistan
6. Military's 'Don't Ask' Testimony Won't Be Final Word
7. Peewee Powerhouse Grows On A Dangerous Field
8. Bruno Mars: Singing His Own Songs, At Long Last
9. 'Jackie's Gift' A Baseball Tale For The Holidays
10. 'Don't Ask' As Told By The Armed Services Chair
11. BCS Head Plays Defense For Bowl Championships
12. College Football Makes Final Plays Of The Year

So there are these ridiculous wars "bankrupting" (strange word in this context, really) the US and the wikileaks documents make it clear that the corruption of the war makes any hope of a positive outcome utterly absurd, and the only topics Simple (FW) Simon will consider are whether gays can openly contribute to the idiocy and whether the idiocy contributes to women veteran's suicides. I, for one, would prefer sticking the barrel of a gun in my ear than to listen to this crap.

Including William Harvey in the broadcast just shows how Simple Simon can pluck the most ludicrously incongruous sample from this crazy place and hold it up as exemplary. Just whackaroony...

Anonymous said...

from an AP article posted on the NPR site:

"Afghan Minister: WikiLeaks Hurt US-Afghan Ties"
"The leaks could further erode support for the nine-year war and bolster the concerns of U.S. lawmakers..."

God knows that would be just terrible, wouldn't it?

"Damned wikileakers. They have to be stopped. They are destroying our ability to call our allies weak, corrupt weasels"

for actual news on the leaks, don't bother with National Perp Radio

Listen to Glenn Greenwald debate Steven Aftergood (a regular NPR "expert") onDemocracy Now!

Aftergood comes across as extremely uninformed (pathetically so). It's actually scary that this guy is supposed to be some kind "expert" pushing for less government secrecy.

One of Aftergood's primary arguments against wikileaks is that they have behaved irresponsibily in publishing an A-bomb blueprint.

That's laughable. It was a blueprint from a 1947 device(!!) and contained information that has been widely avaialable in the public domain for nearly a decade.

That Aftergood was apparently not aware of this speaks volumes about just how uninformed he is on all this.

Anonymous said...

one other 'argument' against wikileaks that Aftergood gives is that they have violated "intellectual property rights".

What he fails to mention, however, is that anything produced by the government (yours and mine) is not covered under intellectual property rights.

For example, a government official has no copyright on ANYTHING that they produce as a part o ftheir offical job.

There may be some good arguments against the way wikileaks has done things but as far as I can see, Aftergood is not giving them.

In fact, on balance, the kinds of things he mentions are just laughable when viewed in context of some of the revelations about government corruption ,murder and the like.

When it comes to revealing murder, should we really be concerned about Intellectual property"?

It's absurd.

either Aftergood is an idiot or he thinks the rest of us are, if he actually believes he is making a rational argument against what wikileaks has done.

larry, dfh said...

Informed: I believe that a bank that forecloses on a property can get "full value" from the FDIC. I think it was set up that way a year or so ago. Proof that your govt. really wants nothing to do with helping you; the govt. is intentionally making it profitable for banks to throw people out of their homes. But you were in the military, so you've probably heard this one: when the U.S. govt. says they're behind you, they are....WAAAAY behind you.

informedveteran said...

larry - actually the "joke" we used was that if you hurt yourself doing something outside the scope of your duty assignment you could be court martialed for damaging government property (it happened to someone I knew) - they literally own you

I had not considered the FDIC angle but if that isn't awful enough here is another angle - someone else posted this in the NPR comments:

"What worries me is what happens once you pay off your mortgage and whoever owns it is supposed to send you the paperwork to file at the courthouse saying you've paid it in full and the house is yours? Our mortgage was sold before we even made the first payment, and we've refinanced since and the new loan has changed hands a couple of times too. We get a notice from the mortgage folks that we're supposed to send the check somewhere else and we do, but how does anyone know who owns what anymore?"

How's that for a ticking timebomb?


The Boss of You said...

Gaaaahhhh!!! Audie Cornish interrupting, I mean, interviewing Jan Shakowsky. Frick!! I am seeing red. I taste pennies. I hate her more than Scott Simon, I think.

gDog said...

Gotta listen to Harry Shearer's Le Show today - interview with lady who knows about the corruption of MERS. for today's broadcast times or Le Show later.

informedveteran said...

Listened to LeShow with Harry and Yves, apparently an additional reason for the foreclosure push is that there is much more money to be made in fees from foreclosure than mortgage modification. This also explains why the Obama's HAMP (home affordable modification program) has been such a miserable failure.